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Crook Busted By Zirozi HD Automotive Dash Camera

These are the best road safety and security gadgets on the market as of now,…

We’re all doing a lot more driving, and even with the price of gas going up, we still need to get where we’re going. For many, they’ve gotten new employment and a new commute– and even for those who are working from home, there are still errands, bringing the kids to and from school, and leisure travel. 

The bottom line is, the more often you’re in a vehicle, the higher your statistical risk for some sort of fender bender and accident– and even though it’s terrifying to hear, the increase of hit and runs and false insurance claims are higher than ever. Some folks are realizing that the best way to keep themselves fully protected from fraudsters and insurance cheats is by using these affordable gadgets.

By Tyler Timms | Gadget Guides

Everything is getting more expensive, and it’s a sad fact, but there are more drivers than ever on the road without insurance. And for those that do have it, they can’t afford an accident… so they try to get away with it. 

It’s not common knowledge, but hit and runs can be some of the hardest cases to solve. This is largely due to the fact that the victim and the perpetrator don’t typically have any connection at all (and connections are where many investigations begin). 

In addition to that, for many traffic accidents, it’s one driver’s word against another. So even if a person was on their cell phone and swerved and hit you, you couldn’t prove it. That’s exactly what happened to Tiffany Odem. 

Tiffany was parked in a parking lot with her van running (for the air conditioning), just minding her own business. She was waiting on her son Jeff to finish his karate lesson, and in the meantime was streaming a show on her phone. 

Tiffany Was Almost a Victim… Until This Happened

That’s when it happened. A person who worked at the local gym was taking out the trash– but he wasn’t walking. He did as many of the gym employees do, he put the trash on the hood of his car to slowly drive it to the dumpster. 

This was a common occurrence, so Tiffany didn’t even take much notice besides recognizing the bright purple shirt that all of the gym employees wear. She didn’t notice, that is, until her entire van shook. 

She looked up from her phone only to see that the car had backed into her van. Her adrenaline was surging immediately, and before she even had a moment to respond, the car did the unthinkable… it sped away. 

Tiffany got out to assess the damage– her front bumper was completely torn off. She was kicking herself because it all happened so fast that her brain didn’t even register that she should have gotten the license plate number, or even the make and model (and since she was watching her show, she didn’t even see which person from the gym it was, only the purple shirt). 

From what she could tell, the car was long gone or 

“I thought for sure that I was going to be the victim of a hit and run, and be saddled with all of the repair expenses myself. Not to mention my insurance going up. But that’s when I remembered the dashcam.”

A few weeks earlier Tiffany and her husband found the Zirozi HD Automotive Dash Camera, and since they were only $15.99, they bought three– one for each of them and then one for their daughter Ashleigh. 

Once her nerves calmed a bit, Tiffany was able to review the footage and clearly see the exact person who backed into her, as well as get a perfect view of the license plate, and the exact make and model. 

She walked over to the gym, and spoke to a manager, showing them the footage. It wasn’t long before the employee confessed to the whole thing, saying they freaked out and were really sorry. 

It turned out they both had the same insurance company, and Tiffany decided not to press charges. She would have been totally out of luck.

Where Can You Get Your Zirozi HD Automotive Dash Camera

Unfortunately, there are a lot of look-alikes and knock-offs that are trying to make a quick buck on the great reputation that the Zirozi HD Automotive Camera has built for itself. For that reason, we highly recommend that you only purchase the Zirozi HD Automotive Camera from the official website here: Zirozi HD Automotive Dash Camera for a 33% Off Discount.

Since the authentic Zirozi HD Automotive Camera is sold exclusively online via their official website, be very careful if you see others on sale in stores or other websites. They are knock-offs and fakes for sure!

If you order now you can be sure to lock in the exclusive 33% Off discount before they’re all out of stock. 


Tyler Timmons


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