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Zirozi WiFi Video Doorbell Foils Porch Pirates

These are the best home monitoring and security gadgets on the market as of now,…

More than ever people are getting things delivered to their homes. All of the big box stores are offering cheap or free shipping options– not to mention Amazon with same-day delivery in some places. Packages are arriving all the time, and sometimes, we’re not home to grab them, or we’re not even aware they’re sitting outside our door. 

It’s a sad thing to have to say, but more packages being shipped means more packages being stolen fright off of people’s doorsteps. Some folks have figured out that the best way to protect their deliveries and property is by using these affordable gadgets.

Package thieves are more rampant than ever. Some of them follow delivery trucks or patrol neighborhoods just waiting for deliveries to happen… just so they can snatch the package for themselves.

Some people find it hard to believe that packages are stolen all the time– until it happens to them. This is mostly because package theft is a highly opportunistic sort of crime. And if a package thief does steal your package, there’s one trusted way to catch them. And that one trusted way is exactly what Dale Osterman used to get justice.

Dale had been hearing from his neighbors that packages were being stolen off of porches and doorsteps throughout the neighborhood. The neighbors began calling them the “porch pirates”, and some people stopped ordering things to their homes. 

Not Dale. Instead, he took action…

Packages Were Being Stolen, So Dale Got Ready

Dale is retired military, so his standards for honor and integrity just couldn’t tolerate these crooks stealing from the hard-working folks in his neighborhood. He knew that there had to be a solution that would work.

After doing some online recon work, Dale found the Zirozi WiFi Video Doorbell. 

“As a military man”, Dale said “the Zirozi video doorbell checked all of my boxes. It has more passive infrared sensors that are triggered at the slightest movement and runs on WiFi, so you can see everything right in the app.” 

Since the Zirozi WiFi Video Doorbells were only $35 bucks, Dale not only bought one for himself, but he also bought one for his neighbors on each side as well. 

Dale’s plan worked. It wasn’t long before there were crystal clear video images of faces, license plates, and vehicles of the so-called “porch pirates.” Now equipped with the hard evidence they needed, the police could finally do something. 

The “porch pirating” stopped shortly after. 

Where Can You Get Your Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Unfortunately, there are a lot of look-alikes and knock-offs that are trying to make a quick buck on the great reputation that the Zirozi WiFi Video Doorbell has built for itself. For that reason, we highly recommend that you only purchase the Zirozi WiFi Video Doorbell from the official website here: Zirozi WiFi Video Doorbell for a 33% Off Discount.

Since the authentic Zirozi HD Automotive Camera is sold exclusively online via their official website, be very careful if you see others on sale in stores or other websites. They are knock-offs and fakes for sure!

If you order now you can be sure to lock in the exclusive 33% Off discount before they’re all out of stock. 


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