What is Echo Dot?

First of all, we will discuss what is Echo dot As many people would love to ask about it and would like to know what are its benefits and why it is used so I will explain in detail on this topic and I hope you after reviewing this article you will be able to know About it’s uses,  its benefits and it’s drawbacks if there is any.


Echo dot is a personal voice assistant With a wide range of capabilities. It contains timers, Alarms , Reminders ,Music and audio Bugs. It also updates on news and weather. 

It contains buttons for increasing and decreasing of audio it also contains a button to connect WIFI , it is very amazing stuff nowadays as the Only by speaking you can set your reminders , you can put your device Wherever you want and the only requirement is that the internet should be connected with this device. You can install this application in your android phone After installing applications you can use of voice command and use this device for Setting the reminders , setting your schedule , playing games , scheduling your time table which is the main thing means are you just you have to put it just you have to tell this device that what you have you want to do what you want to  wish this device will remind you in your busy schedule that what you have to do and what you have planned and this is a very good device for scheduling something for you and can make your life perfect & this is what anyone dreams for i guess. On your smartphone, You have to adjust install Alexa application then you have to connect it with your device and where you will put this device this can be connected with your mobile and the only requirement I have already mentioned is the connection of WIFI. You can look back at your schedule ,Can plan your Daily tasks You can plan your activities Don’t forget to put your skills and games on this application This is the most interesting stuff in this application.

Now we will move to some practical application of this apple device and Alexa application. Say if we have to set a reminder for 10 p.m. then we will just simply speak We have to speak Alexa just set a reminder for 10:00 p.m. Get a response that reminder has been set for 10:00 p.m. and while completion of 10 p.m. will get an alarm .

Say if I have to drop my children to school at 10:00 a.m. then I will simply say alexa kindly remind me as I have to drop my children to school at 10:00 a.m. and kindly remind me 10 minutes before 10 a.m. then at 9:50 a.m. this  device will start alarming and will tell me that there is  the time to Dropped your children to school. 

It can also be used for funny purposes as well like if we say alexa kindly sing a song it can Sing a song and we can enjoy our required song whatever we want to listen and if you want to know about the weather about any joke We can get best entertainment in this regard as well.

So simply friends I will say that in this modern world it is amazing stuff as you can schedule daily tasks which can be planned which is the main hurdle nowadays in our busy schedule and if all things up and just because of this device this application then our lives can be smooth and its biggest achievement I think and I will say simply that amazon has done an amazing job in this regard.

I was recommend all of you to use this application this device as it has amazing results and it is the requirement of the day and if we don’t use this device we are seriously for lacking from the modern technology modern world .We use our  most of the time in planning things and reminding our daily tasks but by this gadget we can make our life perfect one & easiest one. I will simply say thanks to Modern Technology & latest innovation. 

Comparison of Google Home mini VS Amazon Echo Dot.

Voice Loudness Comparison : 

As for as my personal experience is concerned the Sound system speakers of google Home mini are outside where Speakers of amazon echo dot are inside If we compare both of them by placing on the same Please and by using the same music, same reminder Then as far as my experience is concerned Google home mini  have loud Voice note As compared to Amazon echo dot.

Comparison from Specific Distance:

I will share my second experience here with your friends That if I place both devices from a specific distance and if I speak Then google home Mini didn’t detect My voice where Amazon echo dot Picked my instructions or voice. We can conclude that Amazon echo dot can sense voice/Instructions from a large distance Where google home mini can’t. So I will suggest if you have very small rooms then you can use google home mini at if you are placing this device if you have to play this device in the white room our kitchen or something like this then you can use Amazon Echo dot.

As for hardware is concerned I will say that amazon echo dot has preferences as compared to google home mini But as far as the basic features are concerned I will say that both of the devices are almost the same.

As for as general knowledge is concerned like if we want to know anything about general knowledge or anything about the word then I think that google mini home can reflect or google can answer us as 90% accuracy whereas this amazon echo dot can produce or can reply as 70 to 75% of maximum to 80% accuracy I will say that google  mini home can understand the best basic Natural things than Echo dot.

So as far as my understanding and my experience are concerned I think that as far as software is concerned Google home mini is better than amazon echo dot But again it can vary from person to person experience so you can try it and your behalf as well and can I can close it according to your experience as well.

As far as my personal experience is concerned that we can insert two commands at a time in google home mini where we can’t insert two commands at a time in amazon echo dot,  If we will insert two commands parallel in a google home mini then it will play first your instruction then will play your second instruction , and if you will put same instruction to Amazon echo dot it will only be your first instruction and will neglect your second instruction it is again I will say that it is my personal experience. You can connect an external speaker with Amazon echo dot where you can’t put or connect an external speaker with Google home mini.

So we can say that  both have their pros and cons google home mini have their pros and cons Where amazon echo dot have their pros and cons . As far as the basics as concerned both are almost same Whereas the exclusive Queries are concerned the volume and the base and these things are concerned external speakers connection then amazon echo dot is better than Google home mini But if we go to general theory is then we can say that a google home mini is better as Amazon echo dot can’t understand most of the countries which are basic which are related to nature  So I think both have their pros and cons and both they are almost equal.

JBL Flip-4

Now I will mention here the Comprehensive detail of Jbl flip 4 It contains a very solid packing Which is also an attractive one as well. First of all I will discuss its usage I am very sure that whatever you are using your mobile And whatever its quality is But if you want to enjoy in a party Which is ultimately definitely unlimited party When your mobile phone Cannot provide you a solid sound which is required by most of the people including me So for this purpose we can use this device which is very attractive And very helpful And very easily useable.

jbl-flip4 speakerSo let’s start from its detailed feature Open its backing it contains a very attractive Cylindrical Device which contains speakers inside it and it’s both sides contain this is from which you can listen to the music or whatever the voice you want to listen , It’s both sides are kept inside so that In case of any incident It fell then its Main speakers may remain safe It is waterproof which is its main feature If it has been dropped into the water and you pull it on immediate basis Then it may remain safe Which is definitely an attractive Thing for me At least.

Its usage is very easy Just you have to open , it contains a data cable c type cable as well You have to just connect it with your mobile as it contains a Bluetooth option Just go to your mobile search it from your mobile and connect it with the device At a time you can connect 4 devices with your mobile Which against is an attractive offer By using four devices you can  get a very solid sound It contains a very large backup time which is of 12 hours. It also contains a plus-minus sign which is to control voice as well It also contains a button by which you can turn it on and turn it off. It also contains a sign by which you can identify your battery Consumption and its availability like either it is 70%, 60% ,80% or whatever so that you may use this device according to it and you can easily monitor it as well. Speaker is of 20 watts which are used by 4800 mah battery And its backup time is 12 hours which is I think very sufficient. You can also charge it and play at a time as well and if you think that battery level is enough then you can use a charger To charge it as well. Although 12 hours the backup time is enough but if it is required then you can charge it as well It is ipx7 certified and you can use it out or as well easily As for as parties are concerned you can use multiple speakers With a single mobile and you can enjoy your party as well so I think as far as I am experiencing its base is very strong and voice quality is very clear , Which is a big feature of JBL . So I think if you want to purchase a good speaker for good voice quality loudness and good base I think it’s the best option right now  So if you are finding a premium speaker then I think it’s the best option right now available.

Echo Flex

Now I will mention a comprehensive detail regarding EchoFlex. This is the smart speaker for a very specific Need. For some specific needs, It can be a better option than an echo dot. This is a plugin smart speaker + Alexa. Its main feature is also to make space smarter as well. It has USB a port, 3.5 mm audio out, Bluetooth, far fire voice control, Microphone on-off button.

Echo flex smart speaker

It contains every beautiful small packing In the given packing it contains echo flex and a comprehensive guideline as well

External packing quality is very good and it contains to microphone about on the top one at the right and one and the left Stop it also contains a light which turns into blue or red Depending upon when you call Alexa are muted It also has a setup button mute button And at the bottom it contains speakers as well On the back it contains plugs as well.

The working principle is very simple just click on this device and starts working.

Third-party sources to modify its voice as well as it also contains an option in this regard. On the bottom, it contains a USB port as well.

It’s really smart it’s a compact device Really good it can fit into small places. So let’s see how it works its working is very easy just you have to plug it into a socket 

  • Switch on your switch and blue light will appear it .
  • It will be a sign that your device has been switched on
  • Push on the setup button
  • Go to your phone and search this device
  • Connect it by using define protocol it may Take a couple of minutes as well.

You can ask regarding weather regarding any update whatever you want to know as you can get in echo dot all the feature are built-in in this device Speaker is not too loud but it does his job well It’s not for large voice but it’s for the basic features by which you can control your voice or your information on some specific parameters.

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The main difference between Echoflexand is Echodot is that echo dot needs a specific  location to fix it and if you want to place it by the wall you need a proper stand and if you want to place it in the kitchen you also need up a specific space for it in this regard and as far as echo flex is concerned you don’t need a specific space for this You have to just plugin into a socket and you can easily use it means it can fit in your house sockets and it doesn’t need a specific place like a table or like walls as we Use in echo dot It gives best results where there is a space constraints area there is a limited space like if you want to use it in the kitchen it’s good as it can be fixed in you can use it in small space and you can use it in washroom you can use it in any space where you don’t want to create a big mess of wires.

You can also connect it to external cables external speakers or external device whatever you want to do you can listen to your voice your music or whatever is built in this device you can enjoy that as well it’s a big feature I think. Also contains a Bluetooth spot which means you can use your Bluetooth device and can connect with it and you can enjoy your music or whatever you want to listen to. USB port can be used to charge a mobile are something like this which is a big advantage of this as well means in a socket in a socket available in your kitchen washroom are whatever you are using you can in one socket you can use this device and also can charge your mobile or any device you want to use. As far as Speakers of this device are concerned this is  up to some extent better than phone if you want to purchase this device for a large because then don’t go it’s my suggestion and if you want to use it in a specific space then you can get it as it can easily be fixed in two sockets and you can use it easily I will say if you are in a noisy environment you are unable to listen to its voice as well.

Please share your kind reviews about these products so we may describe them in a much better way. 


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