Best Car Windshield Sun Shade Review 2020 – Buyers Guide


Eco Nour Windshield Sunshade

Eco Nour WindshieldFirst of all, as we  know that almost everyone of us use vehicle which is being used for personal use or for family. Different seasons are there in a year sometimes it gets so cold, and sometimes it gets so hot that is the temperature of outside and required temperature to our regular and to manage this temperature we use ac or use heater and then gets in your comfort zone so these things vary with time according to Whether I will say. Suppose that you have to go outside in hot weather hot summer peak summer and you have to park your vehicle in open parking and where there are direct  radiations of sun hitting on your vehicle and you have to spend some time there and have to come back to your vehicle as well So in an ordinary situation when you park your vehicle there and go for some time and had returned you will find that the inside temperature of your vehicle is very high because the outside temperature is also I and you can’t sit in your vehicle directly because its inner temperature is very high & Different kind of radiations affect your vehicle Which is not friendly and not liked by all of us so for this purpose we need device are some stuff which should be supportive for all of us to avoid such kind of situation so according to need different people have worked on it and concluded their vision  which is presented today to all of you which is Eco Nour Windshield sunshade.

Now we will discuss what is this This is a kind of shield which protects your vehicle mirror from radiations of sun and other kind of UV radiations which affect your vehicle So now we will discuss about its detail it is a  kind of sheet which is made of two different kind of shades having one side as black and other side is reflective and you can easily fold it and can place it In your vehicle and can carry it anywhere you want to carry. It can be easily folded in a wrap around You just have to open it and have to place it on windscreen of your vehicle  reflecting site outside of your windscreen and black side inside of your windscreen The reflective site will definitely Reflect all kind of radiation away from your vehicle and black site will maintain the temperature according to the weather means in hot weather your vehicle will remain almost cool means i am not going to say that it will be chilled but it temperature will be very friendly You can spend several hours in shopping and Whatever your requirement is,  and you can be Relax that your vehicle temperature is maintained according to the situation Means in hot weather your vehicle will remain in normal temperature and this sheet will reflect All kind of radiations away from your vehicle and will maintain its temperature according to normal situation So i think it’s a big achievement and this sheet is very friendly and very effective for all of us as it is i think requirement of all of us .Every person who used vehicle faces such an issue And if you use this sheet then he can get rid of all kind of problems we face while parking his vehicle In open parking for where there is no Proper cooling Area . Similarly you can use it in cold weather as well because i definitely in cool weather you don’t work that you are outside temperature is then very chilled and your inside vehicle temperature is Not Chilled Then again you can use this sheet and can maintain the temperature of your vehicle and can get rid of all kind of problems especially related to our radiations and cooling Which effect you are vehicle As you complete its working then you can easily for later just by twisting your hands right and left push the left hand inside and right hand outside it will be a shape of 8 And then you can hold it and place it in the packing and easily can place in your vehicle So it’s highly recommended from my side and i will say all of you to use it as everyone know they are living in a country where there is hot weather are they are living in a country where there is a cold-weather they have to need this kind of sheet to maintain temperature to avoid radiations  to get a Best situation Which can be achieved by this . Hopefully, you will have a wonderful experience after using this sheet and you will get many Advantages with this gadget as per your imagination.

Magnilex windshield sunshade

Magnilex windshieldNow we will discuss another amazing Staff which is Magnilex windshield sunshade. If you want a car windshield for the front window then I think this solution is very perfect in this regard Because it provides a complete sunshade to the windscreen of the car. The car screen is very important And the most integral part of any car.

Parking is a very major issue in most countries and most of the places And if we discuss it parking then it’s the real one. So when you have to park your car in an open area where there is heat and that heat directly affects The windscreen of the car.

When the windscreen of the car is affected it ultimately affects the inner side of the car as well so Ultimately we have to save a windscreen of car along with an inner side of the car and for this purpose, everyone needs a solution which may be cause economic and Best as well. So whenever anybody discusses car windshield sunshade The best solution which comes in the mind is magnilex windshield Car sunshade.

It contains dual solution It protects the windscreen of your car along with the steering cover as well It contains a very superb packing very compatible which can easily be managed and you can hold it in that packing and can open whenever you want Just you have to unpack from the packing and you have to fix it with the windscreen of your car and it protects your card from the radiation And heat effects as well It contains a separate portion for steering cover as well Means you can protect your windshield and your steering both in the same.

When you have finished it means your parking is completed and then you have to go for your home or whatever the location you have to go then Just fold it and took it from the right and left side and simply type it in the cover you already have and that cover contains a very minor space So friend this as I understand and I will suggest you to purchase this for your car if you park your car in sunny Surface.


Ezyshade 2 piece car sunshade

EzyshadeYou want to protect your car windscreen From ultraviolet light of and radiation or heat Effect Then the best solution in Two separate fold is Ezyshade Which is the best solution for car windshield shades front view.

In last topics while studying about car windshield front Window shades we studied several options and discuss its pros and cons But if you want a solution where you make it to shades for protecting your front Screen Protected from heat radiation ultraviolet radiation and another kind of heat effects Ezyshade is best Available solution in market as it Protects car windshield from sunshade.

Its main features are that it contains two different portions one is used for the driver portion and the other is for the second seat You can use both of them or if you want to use one of them you can also use it Its mechanism to use is very simple as we studied last stuff It contains a very beautiful attractive eye-catching cover which is easily Carry able and you can Place It in your vehicle With limited space occupying.

Just unfold your packing And Segregate both of the curtains and one can be fixed at the driver side and other and second side.

It is very friendly useable and protects your vehicle and secure you  from ultraviolet radiations from a heating effect from all kind of radiations and keep your dashboard your vehicle safe from all aspects and contains a very decent packing.

Upon completion of your assignment when you want to go back home then you may unplug or uninstall these certain And can easily fold and pack in a decent packing by which you already uninstalled these.

By the way, it has one drawback as well when you put the curtain then there remains a minor space which is not covered Buy this space sunlight directly affects your dashboard So I think when we compare that in one case if the whole window Is covered and none of the heat Travels to the body of the car and another side When there is an option of heat radiations to travel into ka its temperature will increase and it will not be so much effective as compared to the case where the whole window is covered and none of the ultraviolet light heat radiation traveled to the body of the car so We have tried to cover all kind of detail in this topic and we have mentioned is pros and cons And I think now everything is visible to you and Ishwar as car windshield Front window is concerned No you will have enough information Car windshield sunshade and you can easily flirt the best one according to your requirements And can enjoy the latest features



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