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The Zirozi Drone Pro Saves the Summer


These are the top boredom beating and gift gadgets on the market today…

As more and more people go outside and begin living their lives again, so many people are looking for something new and unique to do. And as people continue to look for their next new adventure, things are also more expensive than ever. Some folks are beating this problem by realizing something clever. They’re figuring out that the best new way to beat boredom and experience something new is by using these affordable gadgets in various free locations like parks, campgrounds, neighborhoods, and more…



Nationwide prices are jumping 10-20% during these strange times, but the Miller family shared with us how they’re beating the blues of prices jumping everywhere.


So you’ve no count noticed that prices are going up on pretty much everything. We all see the numbers on the news so it’s no secret that inflation has hit us hard with no signs of stopping. From groceries to gas prices, it’s more expensive than it’s ever been to live.


The timing of this couldn’t be worse as more people are finally getting back to some sort of normal lives after the pandemic. People want to go out, explore, make new memories, and have adventures– but when it’s difficult to afford a normal standard of basic living, how can folks even dream of spending money on beating boredom?


For Becca and her family, 2021 was starting to look up after some of the toughest years of their lives. She had just gotten a new job after losing hers during the pandemic. And now that she’s working from home, she’s also spending less time commuting. But with things pretty stable at home, Becca, her husband, and her three kids were starting to get seriously restless.


I’m being honest I started to lose my mind. With my husband and I working from home all day, and then our kids getting home from school I felt like I was in the house 24/7. I would drive around the block just to feel like I was doing something.”


“But with gas prices getting higher and higher I couldn’t even do that without a guilty conscience. With prices skyrocketing, money was tighter than during the pandemic” 


On top of all that, the Miller family just had their taxes go up on their home, and just had their car insurance jump up to almost double.


Summer was quickly approaching, which meant two things: two of the kids’ birthdays and loads of free time while the kids were out of school. There wasn’t any money to send the kids to any of the local summer programs, and things were going to be tight when it came to birthday parties and gifts as well.


As school wound down, there was less and less homework and the kids were getting restless. Becca and her husband Paul would take turns trying to keep the kids occupied without spending money, but it seemed like they would always end up on the couch in front of some streaming service doing the same old thing each day. It was so stale, and no one was really happy.

That’s when Becca Almost Totally Lost It…

Work was getting busier and busier for Becca and Paul, and with summer and the kids’ birthdays quickly approaching, things were reaching a boiling point. The kids had cabin fever and were fighting all the time– and Becca and Paul were at the end of their ropes.




To make things worse, Becca and Paul had to scrape up $1,000 to fix the family car, which would definitely mean no presents for birthdays this year, and no other summer activities. They had no choice but to tell the kids so they could at least know what to expect that summer.


A week later, Becca found their oldest son Dustin in the backyard playing with a drone he bought. After some prying from Becca, Dustin admitted to putting the drone on the family’s emergency credit card– a card that was never used unless things were truly serious.


Becca knew what people were charging for drones online, so obviously she was TOTALLY FURIOUS.


She took the drone away, found a new hiding place for the family’s emergency credit card, and grounded Dustin for the first two weeks of summer. (And when Paul found out, he doubled Dustin’s chores.)


They planned on returning the drone as soon as they could.


At This Point, They Had Nothing to Lose…




The next morning Becca awoke to Paul playing with the drone in the backyard. He said that there was no harm in playing with it for a few hours before they returned it.


Becca wasn’t too hot on the idea at first but eventually agreed. Time flew by as the family had the most fun they’d had in months– this was the longest they’d been outside together since last summer.


While the other kids played with the drone, Paul and Becca knew they had to pull Dustin aside for a serious heart-to-heart about what he’d done.


They looked online to see what drones were going for, and since most were over $1,000, they needed to talk some sense into the kid and find out what possessed him to make such a dumb choice.


Paul and Becca also needed to check on their credit cards settings– Dustin should have never been able to make the purchase in the first place…


They’re supposed to get text alerts any time a charge for more than $100 is made on their credit cards, but neither Paul or Becca got notifications when Dustin bought the drone.


As Paul and Becca started going in on Dustin for how much he spent, he blurted out


“Jeez guys, it was only $39 dollars!”


Paul and Becca were immediately confused. They didn’t believe Dustin at first.


Paul made the other kids bring him the drone to have a better look. He didn’t believe you could get a high-end drone that was affordable. Finally, Paul had Becca pull up the credit card statement online.


“Holy cow, the kid is telling the truth.”


Paul and Becca both had instant regret for how they reacted to the situation and how they had treated their son. They thought the kid maxed out the emergency credit card to buy a $1,000 drone on an impulse.


After talking a bit more, Paul and Becca were actually pretty proud of Dustin for finding such a great deal– though they told him to never go behind their back again. With a single $39 purchase Dustin had found something the whole family could do together outside, and it was the most fun they’d had in a long time.




After That, Summer Started Early


After doing a bit more research about the drone on Zirozi.com, they realized that the Zirozi Drone Pro they had actually cost less than the other birthday presents they were looking at getting the kids. In the end, they decided to keep the drone so the kids would have something fun to do all summer. (In fact, when they found out the price and quality, Paul bought a second Zirozi Drone Pro for the family.)


The first two weeks of summer were the most stress-free and fun of the year for the Millers. The kids were never in the house anymore– they were in the backyard playing with their drones constantly.


Becca and Paul were able to get some great alone time more often and were talking and laughing more than ever. They would also frequently join the kids in the yard for some amazing fun.


The Miller family’s new favorite possessions were their Zirozi Drone Pros from Zirozi. Not only that, but 2021 turned into their favorite summer yet.



So Besides Being Great Quality, Why Exactly is the Zirozi Drone Pro so Great?




For a lot of reasons, actually! Firstly, the Zirozi Drone Pro has the same controls as the super expensive, top-of-the-line drones, but they fine-tune their controls so they’re much less finicky and sensitive. This means you don’t need in-depth training to fly this drone (like you would with others).


Absolutely anyone can grab the controller and immediately start having tons of fun. This makes the Zirozi Drone Pro the perfect gift for anyone in your life– or the perfect affordable, high-tech toy for yourself!


Whether it’s for you or a gift for someone else, it’s the perfect cure for boredom.


The Zirozi Drone Pro is designed to be able to do all of the aerial moves and maneuvers that expensive drones can do, so experienced drone pilots will be impressed. But since its recalibrated controls are so easy to use kids and beginners will love it too.



But Here’s the Best Part…


Did you know that 97% of drones on the market require you to get an FAA license to fly them legally? Well, guess what? The Zirozi Drone Pro doesn’t require you to have an FAA license to fly it.


This means that, unlike other drones, you won’t have to take a paid training course, and you certainly won’t have to shell out $200 to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


So many people don’t realize that Federal law states that any drone that weighs more than 8 ounces needs to be registered.


The Zirozi Drone Pro was designed by expert engineers to be light and portable, so it weighs less than 8 ounces. This means that you can fly it right away. 


Don’t waste several days and hundreds of dollars just to get started flying your drone. Skip the government B.S. and red tape and start having fun right away.


As you can see, the FAA wants to keep drone ownership a very exclusive club for people with money and time to burn. Don’t fall into their trap.


This also makes the Zirozi Drone Pro the perfect gift. How crumby would it be if you bought someone a drone that weighed more than 8 ounces only to tell them:


“Oh hey, now you need to spend hundreds of dollars to regsiter, and also take a course before you can fly this thing. You’re welcome.”


Don’t do it. When you snag yourself or a friend the durable and lightweight Zirozi Drone Pro, you can jump into the drone flying hobby hassle-free.


This hassle-free approach also works really well for kids! Have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandkid? Perfect. Give them a Zirozi Drone Pro, and they’ll be the coolest kid around… and you’ll be the coolest adult in their lives to boot. They won’t stop thanking you for this awesome gift.


I can tell you that my kids made a bunch of new friends at school and in the neighborhood, and I have the reputation of being the “cool dad” because of the drone.


What Else Can This Best Selling Drone Do?


The Zirozi Drone Pro is made by drone lovers, so you know that they’re paying attention to the details. They’ve built a drone that they love flying, but that’s also super easy for a beginner to pick up and start learning.


One passion of many drone lovers is taking breathtaking aerial photography. As a result, you know that the camera on the Zirozi Drone Pro is going to be high quality for sure.


It comes complete with a simple-to-use controller that you can use to control the drone and the camera. But that’s not all– there’s also an easy-to-use app you can download to control the drone directly from your smartphone! It’s definitely state-of-the-art.



This is perfect for taking all sorts of photos. You’ll have incredible pics to post on all of your social media, you can take inventive and beautiful family portraits, or finally get that gorgeous sunset horizon photo.


Whatever photos you’re taking, you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping HD quality from all sorts of angles that you could only get with a reliable drone like the Zirozi Drone Pro.


That’s not all. With the Zirozi Drone Pro, you also get:


  • Control your drone from almost a mile away!
  • Compact, easy to carry size with foldable arms
  • Stable flight through its unique altitude hold mode
  • Draw flight paths on your smart device’s screen and the drone will follow
  • One button return feature
  • WiFi functionality includes connectivity to APP and APK systems to take photos and videos
  • Real-time transmission of what the drone’s camera can see to a smart device
  • Camera toggles between 1080 P or 4K for high definition images and video
  • Wide-angle modes


What Are Zirozi Drone Pro Customers Saying?




Jillian (Orlando, FL) Two weeks ago I couldn’t pry my kids off of the couch. They were always streaming something or playing video games. Now they’re getting big into nature photography using their drone and spend hours outside. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it for myself!”


Michael (Spokane, WA) “This wasn’t our first drone. We actually bought one for the kids last Christmas, but it was a total bust because it was impossible to fly. And let me be clear, my sons play video games and are 11 and 13 years old. We returned that one, and luckily found the Zirozi Drone Pro– the kids can fly it with no problem!”


Paula (Knoxville, TN) “A few weeks ago my nephew got a Zirozi Drone Pro and brought it over the house. Since he’s tech-savvy we thought it would be complicated to fly, but we were so wrong. My kids and I learned how to fly it, and now we not only have something we can do together, but if I need time to focus on the house or take a moment to relax the drone keeps them busy in the yard. Definitely a game changer! 


Javier (Dallas, TX) “ I travel a lot for work and in my downtime, one of my favorite things to do is photographing the landscapes of the places I visit. I was using my phone but even with a tripod and selfie stick, I could never capture the true mood of the places I was. Someone said I could use a drone, but I thought they were $1,000 or more. That’s when I found the Zirozi Drone Pro. Now my photos and videos look like I’m a legit photographer.”


Our Hands-On Experience with the Zirozi Drone Pro


So, here at our offices, we’re always trying to find new toys and activities for our team to play with on their breaks. After seeing Paul and Becca’s story on social media, we ended up ordering a few Zirozi Drone Pros for the office from their official website.


By the way, if you go there now you can still catch the 33% Off discount they’re offering for a limited time!


These drones were such a blast that we actually had to start an actual “turn order”, which eventually turned into a sign-up list! It’s been great because the atmosphere in the office stays fun and whimsical during breaks, and everyone is having a blast. Quite a few folks from our office have ordered their own or have ordered one for their kids.


I’ll be honest, after flying the drones for a solid week on my break I bought two for myself and my kids. It’s been awesome to have an activity that we can share, but that they can also do themselves. It’s been a while since they’ve been so active and occupied in a healthy way.


They haven’t touched their video games or mindlessly watched videos on their phones and tablets for weeks now.


So many people in the office were experiencing the same thing that we did some digging online. Did you know that studies actually show that kids who use drones frequently show improved hand-eye coordination and even better connections between their left and right brain?


It also shows improvement in the parts of the brain that handle decision-making, memory, and reasoning. And it makes sense: when they’re flying the drone, they’re actively doing all of those things at once, and for hours.


Overall, the Zirozi Drone Pro was super affordable and fun for everyone in our family (of all ages), so we’re super happy. We’ve finally found a healthy hobby we can all enjoy together without forcing anyone to participate.


The Verdict: Is the Zirozi Drone Pro Worth It?




Yes, the Zirozi Drone Pro is totally worth it. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it’s a no-brainer.


As someone who owns two myself, I can give you the recommendation personally (so can my kids). But not only that, after reading hundreds of online reviews and having everyone in our office fly it, we haven’t seen anyone that was disappointed in the Zirozi Drone Pro.


In fact, everyone talks about how easy it is to use, and how affordable it is for as high-tech as it is. The Zirozi Drone Pro does everything those overpriced drones do. The main difference is that they don’t spend tons of money on marketing or paying influencers to promote their drone.


Zirozi Drone Pro counts on people like us to spread the word to help save people from wasting a ton of money. And that is how the Zirozi Drone Pro can destroy other drones when it comes to price, selling this beauty for under $50.


And when you consider the 33% off sale they’re running right now, and the 60-day money-back guarantee getting a Zirozi Drone Pro is an absolute no-brainer.


Pretty much everyone we’ve had take the Zirozi Drone Pro for a test flight agreed that with birthdays and eventually the holidays coming up, this was the most unique and attractive gift option they’ve seen lately. And better yet, the most fun. Imagine buying a couple of these versus spending $500-$700 on whatever trendy gaming console or gadget it coming out.


No thank you. I’m not paying another $500 for my kids to get sucked into another screen.


It’s time to start the new era of “Drone Fun” for your entire family with the Zirozi Drone Pro– the most highly reviewed, affordable drone you can get!


How Can I Get a Real Zirozi Drone Pro?


Unfortunately, there are a lot of look-alikes and knock-offs that are trying to elbow into the great reputation that the Zirozi Drone Pro has built for itself. For that reason, we highly recommend that you only purchase the Zirozi Drone Pro from the official website here: Zirozi Drone Pro for a 33% Off Discount


Since the authentic Zirozi Drone Pro is sold exclusively online via their official website, be very careful if you see others on sale in stores or other websites. They are knock-offs and fakes for sure!


If you order now you can be sure to lock in the exclusive 33% Off discount before they’re all out of stock.


UPDATE: Ever since Becca’s Zirozi Drone Pro story went viral on social media, and with the current 33% off sale, these drones are going out of stock regularly, and sometimes it takes a while before they get more in. This week (or possibly even today) is your best chance to get the #1 gadget (and the best gift) of the year for 33% off.


To see if there are any left in stock, you can claim your discount now, here.


REMEMBER: the Zirozi Drone Pro is not available on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or elsewhere. To make sure you’re getting a genuine Zirozi Drone Pro, we strongly advise you to get it from the official Zirozi site linked in this article.


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